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Over 25 Useful Tools in One Bundle


Streamline Your Production Process and save Time & Money. This all-in-one digital bundle, available for immediate download,  it is designed to give filmmakers and producers the various agreements used for film production along with other useful content. 


What’s Inside the Toolkit:

  • Assortment of Templates for Agreements, Deal Memos, and Contracts: Navigate the legal landscape of filmmaking with ease. Our collection includes customizable templates for a variety of needs, including actor agreements, crew contracts, location releases, and more. These templates are to be used as an educational foundation for the types of agreements you would see in a real world setting for a film production. 

  • Professional Budget Excel File: Master your financial planning with our detailed and user-friendly film budget Excel file. This tool allows you to track expenses, forecast costs, and manage your financial resources effectively. Whether you're working on a small independent film or a large-scale production, this budget file is adaptable to projects of all sizes.


Professional Filmmaker's Bundle

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